Uncovering Rare Gifts from Mother Nature

In our pursuit of bringing you the best of Mother Nature, we made it our mission to source for the safest and healthiest foods from around the world. Our vision is to stay true to the origins of the food, bringing you their pure, unadulterated goodness.

Free of pesticides, safe, and healthy

The Healthier Choice

International food products that arrive at our store bear the hallmark of being healthful, pesticide-free and safe for consumption. We have a proven track record of launching natural food products which have become instant sensations.

Sharing the Goodness with The World

We love uncovering artisans who are passionate about their food and sharing it with the world. We believe small farmers and food producers who believe in their produce deserves to be in the spotlight.

Sourcing, processing and packaging quality
Business opportunities

Business Opportunities

If you are a like-minded business who believes in bringing good food and great health to the world, we’d love to speak with you. Drop us a message and we’ll be in touch.

Talk to Us
Sarah Yong

Sarah Yong

Founder and CEO of Origins Foodist

Hello, I’m Sarah, welcome to Origins Foodist. I grew up loving food so much that I made all my life choices revolving around food. This obsession has brought me around the world, first beginning with my Food & Beverage education in the Academie de Grenoble Hotel Management in France, to moving base to Japan in my quest to specialize in Japanese food products.

Of course, just like how good food requires the right conditions to grow and blossom, I spent years honing my trade in the Food Processing Automation industry with a well-known machinery and automation company.

10 fruitful years went by and the yearning for good food deepened with time. I co-founded my first venture, Leanwork Asia, which was an importer and distributor of healthy Japanese products to the Taiwanese market.

Today, Origins Foodist was founded as a cumulation of my love, dedication and commitment to bringing additive and pesticide-free products to every kitchen in Asia. I envision a food retail and distribution business where the small farmers and food producers stand a better chance at thriving in the regional market through our platform.

As we continuously grow our distribution and retail division, my dream is that I will be able to bring the Origins Foodist brand to stores across Asia to improve the health of families, especially the elderly, in hopes that everyone can live better lives.