Buckwheat Tea Specialists

One of our rarest discoveries, the tartary buckwheat is highly prized for being a nutrient-rich superfood with proven health-giving benefits. Our superior grade tartary buckwheat tea is cultivated in cold climate, fertile soil and sunshine all year round. It is packed full of rutin and quercitrin – flavonoids vital to our wellbeing.

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Buckwheat Tea
Tartary Buckwheat Rooibos Tea 60g USD9

Tartary Buckwheat Rooibos Tea

(6gx10) USD9

Tartary Buckwheat tea 60g USD9

Tartary Buckwheat Tea 

(6gx10) USD9

Tartary Buckwheat Ginger Tea 60g USD9

Tartary Buckwheat Ginger Tea

(6gx10) USD9

Tartary Buckwheat Chamomile Tea 60g USD9

Tartary Buckwheat Chamomile Tea

(6gx10) USD9

Tartary Buckwheat Black Bean Tea 80g USD9

Tartary Buckwheat Black Bean Tea

(8gx10) USD9

Distributing Good Health To The Masses

Distributing Good Health to the Masses

With years of industry knowledge, we are able to source for the highest quality produce from Japanese farmers and food producers, bringing the products directly from the source and into the market. We empower deserving producers of good food a chance to springboard into the market and expand in the region through our extensive distribution network.

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Our flagship retail store and café, Origins Foodist is located at Minsheng District, Taipei City. Shoppers are able to enjoy a selection of healthy groceries while savouring lovingly cooked food from our kitchen. We also provide information exchange with fellow foodists on restoring health through understanding what you consume.

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Natural Goodness for All

With extensive presence across Taiwan and Singapore, we are on track to becoming a specialized healthy food retail and distribution business with the goal to have additive and pesticide-free products available to every kitchen in Asia. If your mission is aligned to ours, we’d love to speak to you.

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